How do you get featured on YouTube?

Want to be a YouTube Star? Are you asking yourself, “How can I be featured on YouTube?”

Well, the creators of YouTube spelled it out and if the game ever changes, I’ll let you know.

YouTube is a community of people sharing ideas, entertaining, and engaging each other on every topic that you could imagine. So, if you want to be noticed you’ve got to get involved. No one ever met a friend, a spouse, nor a customer just by sitting at home. Therefore, you’ve got to take action today to get people’s attention. Become a vested member of the YouTube Community.

You may be asking, what do I need to do? Here are the proper steps:

  1. Create a YouTube Channel. Go to and click on  “Create Account”
  2. Upload a video. Click on upload at the top of the screen and follow the prompts.
  3. Increase Your Presence. (Make playlists, join groups, subscribe to other channels, leave comments, and be a part of the community.)
  4. Create original content. (Inform, Inspire, and Entertain -* You don’t need the most views *)

If you are wondering what this looks like, go to Make sure you are logged out and click on the “Spotlight Videos”, “Featured Videos”, and the “Trending” videos to see how the pros are doing it. By the way, the pros are people just like you and me. See how they title their videos, how their content is laid out in the video, and their video descriptions.

The more you repeat these steps the bigger your exposure and following will be. It the Rule of Reciprocity, “Give and it will be given back to you”.


Monique Davis

When fear stands in the way, just walk by faith. Miracles happen “When You Believe!”

Quote from the featured picture: “The Power is Real, The Story is Forever, The Time is Now.”

There comes a time when we question the world around us, the purpose of our life, and the outcomes yet to come. Many odds may stand against us, but one thing is for sure we can choose whether we act or react to a situation. We can choose to let our circumstances define us or just be a reflection of what is around us and choose to move forward. We can give up, stand down, or move on in the face of fear. It is our choice to think of what is to come, to hope for better, and choose to trust in the possibilities as though it were reality.

What is it today that keeps you from moving forward?

What fears hold you back from achieving your dreams?

What thoughts hold you captive from believing?

Address them right now by writing them down and next to these hurdles in your life write down the positive, verbalize your belief, and the outcome you desire. Thoughts are things, what you believe is what you will set out to achieve. Look around you. Where is your life today? What needs to change? It’s starts with your thought life.

My encouragement to you is to stand firm in the knowing that things will get better and that there is always a better way. Just Believe.

Take action today: Below write down one thing you would like to overcome or one thing that you want to accomplish within the next 30 days, and share how you are going to do it. Post your comments below this post!

My action: I was afraid of being broadcast on the WWW. I’ve taught many people on techniques, tactics, and strategies to build a base online for what they want to accomplish but I never had the guts to do it myself. So the action I took today is to post my first official video online via YouTube and my blog. My next step, is to publish my Mini-course on how to use video to take your message viral online and brand yourself/company.

Did your Dream DIE?

Today, I had the pleasure of kicking back while watching the movie called “Letter to Juliet”. A romantic film which inspires the heart to yearn for love and the pleasures it brings to one’s life,  the film starts with one thought saying…

“What…. If… two words that if put together could haunt you for the rest of your life…”

This short line inspired my post today.

Let me ask you these questions…

Is there anything in life that you’ve dreamed of, hoped for, but never became real for you? Do you think you could have done anything to change the outcome?

My answer to these questions are simple.

CHANGE the way you see thing and the things you see will change.

If there is anything that we can control in life, it is our BELIEFS. We’ve all heard the saying if you think you can’t you won’t, but if you think you can you can. How true. Beliefs are what fuel our emotion and our emotions set us in motion.

The simplest metaphor for illustrating this very truth is learning how to ride a bike. What a task but the first hurdle to jump is the thoughts that run through your mind in the process.

“I’m not sure I can do this.”

“This looks to hard what if I fall over.”

Such negative thoughts can only leave you paralyzed or eventually stop you dead in your tracks when you try. How much different would you think the outcome would be if you changed your thoughts to

“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”, “I can do it” and held similar beliefs? When your conviction is positive it is like a magnet that draws things towards it until it connects with what it is trying to attract.

So what can you do to overcome your limiting beliefs and doubt? It says in the Merriam Webster Dictionary that, “Belief is a habit of the mind”.

And we all know habits are not changed in seconds but over time they can be replaced with effort to change the old hindering thoughts with new empower ones. Here are a couple tips you can use:

  • Find encouraging words in the Bible to meditate on throughout the daily.
  • Listen to motivational tapes, CDs, or YouTube Videos of inspirational speakers like Tony Robbins, Dani Johnson, Napoleon Hill, etc.
  • Right down your beliefs that you want to acquire and repeat as often as you can in your day.

So, what are you going to stop doubting and start believing?

DOUBT =  Do but (Nothing but excuses that keeps you from your dreams)
BELIEF = Be life (a vital way of living or being alive and transcending into the quality of life one lives)

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90 Day Challenge to a Healthier you! (Part 1): Who says you’re fat?

Dear fans,

Here it goes. I am beginning my journey to a healthier me. Over the course of the next 90 days you will be introduced to those who influence me, to the books that inspire me, and to the guidelines that have reformed my thinking. Get prepared to encounter great wisdom, challenging times, emotions, and celebration of achieving our goals.

Where did it all begin for me? Well, what they say is true having kids does change your body. I noticed that what I once was able to eat without gaining a pound stuck to me like solid walls of a well built house, growing the foundation (my body) in size and width. I was becoming like a beautiful piece of real estate that was depreciating in value because of the wear and tear I was exposing my body to. The mirror was my enemy and the fridge was my closest friend.

I’ve known for years that I have to change my eating habits and exercise regimen to reclaim my pursuit to living a life of happiness and vitality. And then a truth hit me, the other day I was pondering on the conversation my financial advisor and I had. He asked me if I was healthy and I replied “Yes”, but that is only half the truth (mental health is not what he was referring to but I was). However, I knew I couldn’t escape the scale and physical that I would have to go through in order to make the investment.

So, I Cowgirl’d up and made a public commitment.

I, Monique Davis, will publically commit to share my journey to a healthier me.

I weigh 186 pounds and my Body Mass Index (BMI) come in at 34.0, which classifies me as Obese.

I strongly desire to change this, so that…

  • My energy levels will rise in order for me to run my business and spend time with my two precious girls.
  • My self-esteem levels will increase which will enable to meet people in person without the overshadowing doubt and fear that stands in my way.
  • I can feel sexier, healthier, and more energetic; living my life in gratitude every day that the good Lord allows me to wake up and see another day.


Tip: How healthy are you? Calculate your BMI by going to… Government agency “Center of Disease Control and Prevention”

Knowledge: History behind the BMI

It seems we’re all rather obsessed by BMI, but where did the idea come from for the body mass index? The history of it goes back further than you might think. Although the 1980′s saw the equation becoming a popular measure of fitness (or conversely, obesity), it was developed in the mid 1800′s by a Belgian mathematician named Adolphe Quetelet. (Resource: The Gastric Bypass Guru,

Statistics was in its infancy at the time, and Quetelet worked with life insurance companies to try to determine the factors related to birth and death. He became very interested in the field of social statistics and wrote a book that cataloged his research on height and weight for men at different ages. Height and weight charts are commonplace now, but in 1833 this was revolutionary. What we call BMI today is also known as Quetelet’s formula.

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PHOTO SOURCE: Illustration of an  Obese Man

You’ve been lied to…

From the beginning you’ve been taught early on to graduate high school, go to college, and start a career that will earn you over a million dollars more than someone who doesn’t have a college degree. You followed this path built up thousands to ten thousands of dollars in student debt, only to land a job that barely pays the bills including the notes your lenders send monthly.

And then you are hit with the truth… job in the working world means “Just Over Broke”.  Or maybe it means to you “Just Ongoing Burdens”, you make six-figures but you have to sacrifice time with those you love only to spend countless hours at the office barely with enough time for yourself. We’ve all heard it but I have to say it again…

Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

What if there was a way to utilities your knowledge and skills to create a lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of? What if there were a supportive group of people just as intelligent as yourself, ready and willing to help you change your life and help you create a plan of action to help make your dreams a reality? What is standing between you and your dreams… it boils down to one thing your belief.

You’ve been lied to… Your chasing after the American dream, but what is it?

“… the American Dream is rooted in the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence which states that “all men are created equal” and that they are “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights” including “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


 Resource: Kamp, David (April 2009). “Rethinking the American Dream”. Vanity Fair. Retrieved June 20, 2009.

Are you happy? Do you feel like you live your life to the fullest? Do you feel free? Or do you feel bound by the bondages of people’s opinions and the social norms of living vicariously through a career haunt you throughout the days and nights?

Check out this amazing video from and let’s see if the lie that you planned your life around change. Grab a pen and paper and call me at (720) 385-9176 after you’ve reviewed this video. You can also click on the photo’s below:


Photo Source:

5 Tips on Reaching A Healthier YOU!

Who said sexy is out? I didn’t. Matter of fact lean abs, tight butt, and exploding energy never turns me off. Those are all things I strive for, so I went searching…

Here are a few tips I’ve started applying right away.

1. Drink lots of water. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before!? Drink 8 – 8 oz of water a day, but that is only if you want to sustain your weight. If you are trying to lose, than you will have to increase it to almost double. Water is a natural detoxifier it purifies the body removing toxins and waste from our system. It even helps with improving skin texture and increase the metabolic rate as well. Water is  a winning solution, drink up!

2. Sleep early! Do you know that our health is affected when we sleep after midnight? According to a research, our lymph gland does detoxification between 9:00 pm-11:00 pm. If you have the habit of working on this interval and sleeping after midnight, the experts say your health is being jeopardized. So, unwind and relax… get your beauty sleep!

3. Exercise daily.
Do you want to eliminate stress in your life? Increase your metabolism naturally? That this is very important, EXERCISE! Our body was created for movement. If you sit around doing nothing or very little throughout the day then you’re depriving yourself of good health. Exercise develops good cardiovascular endurance, increased metabolism, good circulation, and immunity. Wow, I was shocked to hear immunity… crazy just to think that a few good workouts throughout the week can keep me away from the medicine cabinet and feeling down in the dumps. I don’t know about you but I am all for the idea of looking better and feeling better… gooooooo treadmill, yoga, and blissful walks with my iTouch turned up enough to jam out!

4. Eat good food. Have you ever hear the saying “You are what you eat?”?  If you have, then you’re like most of us who question whether or not we are a french-fry, hamburger, a bag of chips, a donut… need a say more? Our foods are like fuel to our body… could you imagine putting lard in your car for fuel? How well do you think it will run? Then why do we do this to our bodies? The foods we eat everyday affect our health good or bad. But if you want a healthier YOU than try eating a healthier: lots of vegetables and fruit, and whole-grain breads, cereals, and pastas (are ok in moderation), even lean meats can be eaten from time to time. Just try to stay away from processed and fried foods as much as possible no diet pill needed.

5. Lessen sugar consumption.
Sweet tooth, ey? On average people consume 2-3 pounds of sugar each week from table sugar, dextrose, butters, bread, etc. Our body needs sugar because it is broken down to ATP and used as a source of energy, but too much of it is not good. Sugar raises insulin level and has the ability to depress the Immune System while causing drowsiness, kidney problems, increased risk of coronary heart disease, even cause your teeth to decay. Don’t let it still you joy!

Eat right, get healthy, you’re life depends on it. Make a commitment today to apply one of these principles and do it for thirty days, then add another. Before you know it they all will become healthy habits leading to a healthier you!


The 4-hour workweek… can it be reality for you?

Many years ago, I stumbled upon a book written by the genius Timothy Ferriss called The Four Hour Workweek.  Once I sat down to read it I couldn’t put it down. I had to get through it no matter how late I had to stay up. The book was filled with value and resources that one could apply immediately. It is a must read for the employer and employee alike.  But here’s a crazy little secret that I want to share with you… I never put the principles to work until now until now!

Follow me on my journey as I use the principles in the book to help me run my business, work less hours, and enjoy the fruitfulness of applying what I learn to my everyday life.

If you don’t have the book pick up a copy today, don’t wait. We can go on this journey together.

Ok, so let’s get started number one rule find a mentor. Connect with someone who is living the life you desire or is showing results of obtaining that level of success in their life right now.

Connect with like minded people because your trials and times of discouragement are yet to come. Have you ever noticed when you’re trying to lose weight, everyone wants to take you out to lunch or share their food with you. What makes you think it will be any different in the pursuit to reconstruct your work week into less hours worked and more hours living life? Surely, you will encounter friends, family, and colleagues who think you’ve gone insane and that your thought process is irrational.  But don’t give up hope if Timothy Ferriss can do it so can you!

The principles in this book are informative and will change your life if you apply them. I promise, I am already seeing results and it has only been months since I’ve employed the knowledge from this amazing book.

Get ready. Get set. Go. You’re life is about to change radically!

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